November 2008



for meeting of

NOVEMBER 4, 2008

1.         Call to order:  7:03 PM

2.         Opening Prayer

3.         Approval of Minutes for OCTOBER 7, 2008 meeting.  (Shapiro / seconded by Stone)

 4.        Jim Weir: 

                        a..  Financial Report:   (Shapiro moved acceptance / seconded by Stone)

                        b.  Ms. Bronwyn Burleson: discussed the Village Audit


5.         David Galloway:

                        2008 Ordinance proposal (DG)

                        MAPS for comparing 04 with 08 proposals (JWW)

                        "ASSIGNMENT FOR COUNCIL": Study and compare 04/06 Ordinance with 08 Proposal.                           Please have "all" suggestions printed.  Please bring 6 copies.


6.         Mayor Meetings:  ALTERNATES should be named (in case Mayor has a conflict).


            a.  Jackson County Mayors Breakfast Meeting, 8:00 AM, First Friday of month        

                                    SUZANNE STONE volunteered


            b.  Jackson County Transportation Taskforce, Southwest Commission-Region A, meets as needed.

                                    KAY SHAPIRO, SUZANNE STONE OR CARL HOOPER volunteered


            c.  Jackson County Solid Waste Board, meets  5:00 PM on second MONDAY of month

                        (Personal Conflict of Mayor): call Chad Parker 586-7577.)

                                    KAY SHAPIRO volunteered


7.          Village Bylaws 2008 : Kay Shapiro : bylaws.  JWW handed out incorporation document which     contained what Kay wanted.


8.         Planning Board:  Current members include: Carl Hooper, Kent Briggs, Gail Graham, Janie Prentice,       and Herman Lieberman. 

            NEED 2 more members:  Alan Begley and Clark Corwin volunteered).  Justin Menickelli        suggested as a potential.


9.         Board of Adjustment -Discussed filling required vacancies.



            Wes Stone letters.




CLOSED SESSION:  Suzanne Stone moved that we go into a closed session.  Seconded by Kay Shapiro.

                                    Suzanne Stone moved that we return to open session.  Seconded by Kay Shapiro.


ADJOURNMENT :  Tweedy moved / seconded by Stone