September 2008





1.         Call to order

2.         Opening Prayer

3.         Approval of Minutes for August 5, 2008 meeting.          (Tweedy moved approval, Stone seconded)

4.         Jim Weir:

            a.         Financial Report -.  (Stone moved acceptance, Tweedy seconded)   

            b.         (Including a report of what has been paid to and what is owed to Louis Rojos) [$250.00]

5.         David Galloway - (phone approval by Council for having him do this work)

            a.         Presentation of Copies of August 2, 2004 Ordinances with suggestions to consider.

                        1.         Request for Council Members to carefully read 2004 Ordinances and come prepared to                                                suggest changes for consideration IF the "New Ordinances in Preparation" are not                                             approved.

                        2.         Next month the Zoning Ordinances, which were approved in 2007, will be included                                           within the text. 

            b.         Approval of Payment of $353.57 to Mr. Galloway for above.  (Stone moved approval, Shapiro                                seconded)

6.         Mulch for Village entrance REVISITED : awarded contract for mulching to Roger Turk

7.         New Business:

            a.         Procedures for seeking bids for Village Work: Council agreed that "ALL" bids should be                            approved by the Council BEFORE seeking a bid for specific work.

            b.         Several (probably all) of us have used the phrase "a lot of village people have said..." : Council                          agreed to provide specific names and/or numbers of "who said."


8.         Old Business:

            a.         VFH Web Sit - Kay will work on this

            b.         Suzanne Stone:  Village Survey Proposal

            c.         Wes Stone:   Tentative letters for warnings and potential citations.

            d.         Other   Suzanne - DOT cross walk will be done in 3 months

                                    Wallace - Planning Board members

                                    Tweedy - Charles Rush - Sign for Valhalla  - Gene will check with DOT