October 2008



for meeting of

OCTOBER 7, 2008

1.         Call to order: 7:03 PM

2.         Opening Prayer

3.         Approval of Minutes for August 5, 2008 meeting.  (Tweedy, seconded by Shapiro)

4.         Jim Weir:

            a.  Financial Report :   To be presented by Jim  Wallace  (Tweedy, seconded by Iobst)

            b.  Approval of "new" Cable Agreement.  (Tweedy, seconded by Iobst)


5.         David Galloway:  (To approve payment of $415.01: Tweedy, seconded by Iobst)

            a.  Current Zoning Ordinances

            b.  Village of Forest Hills Land Data


6.         Kolleen Begley: discussed road side trimming and maintenance for Forest Hills Estates.


6a.       Libba Spell:  Tweedy interrupted the speaker and told her village ordinances required a written             request for variances to the ordinances.  The presentation ended.


7.         Mayor Meetings:  ALTERNATES should be named  (in case I have a conflict).

            a.  Quarterly Meetings with Commissioners of Jackson County, First TUESDAY of month.

            CONFLICT with our Council Meeting: Wallace suggested that the Mayor Pro-temp run the council             meeting until he arrived: council agreed)

            b.  Jackson County Mayors Breakfast Meeting, First Friday of month.  NO  ONE volunteered.

            c.  Jackson County Transportation Taskforce, Southwest Commission-Region A, meets as needed: NO              ONE volunteered

            d.  Jackson County Solid Waste Board, meets second MONDAY of month (Personal Conflict)

                         NO  ONE volunteered

            e.  Greenway Commission, meets second Tuesday of the Month (potential personal conflict)

                        (Gene Tweedy volunteered to be a representative; Alan Begely and Jim Wallace are already                                  representatives)  The Greenway Commission would like three representatives from each village.


8.          "Village Bylaws": Kay Shapiro (J.W. handout).


9.         Planning Board:  Current members include: Carl Hooper, Kent Briggs, Gail Graham, Janie Prentice,       Herman Lieberman.  NEED 2 more members including one from the ETJ area.


10.       Board of Adjustment - page 28 of Zoning Ordinance:  Need to fill vacancies, including one from the           ETJ area.


11.       Discussion of Current Village Zoning Ordinances.

             No discussion but someone asked for maps comparing 04 data with proposed 08 data.





            Web Site:         Daren Beach - 399-1767; Robin Whitley - jrobinwhitley@gmail.com 

            (Kay Shapiro volunteered to deal with the Village Website and get it up dated; Kolleen Begley             volunteered to help)

            Entrance and DOT work.

            Village Survey: No report.                   Adjourned at 9:00 PM              Submitted by J.W.Wallace, Mayor