December 2008



for meeting of

December 2, 2008


1.         Call to order: 7:01 PM by Jim Wallace, Mayor

2.         Opening Prayer

3.         Approval of Minutes for November 4, 2008 meeting: (Stone moved approval/ seconded Iobst). Passed.

4.         Jim Weir:  Financial Report:  Iobst moved Acceptance / seconded by Tweedy).  Passed.


5.         Emily Elders: Jackson County Recreation Project Manager (alias Chairperson of           the Jackson County             Greenway Commission).  Explained name change from Commission to Advisory Board.


6.         Village Clerk: Janie Prentice does not want to remain the Village Clerk.

            Kolleen Begley and Carl Hooper volunteered for the position.


7.         David Galloway:

                        Handed out corrections (additions) for the 2008 Ordinance proposal (DG)

                        Passed out Village MAPS for comparing 04 (including 06 changes) with 08 versions (JWW)


8.         2008-PROPOSED ORDINANCE CHANGES:  Discussion of concerns of     Council Persons.    

            Suggested time table:

            a.         Council approves suggestions for the planning board to consider during the January Council                               Meeting.  Wallace's suggestions accepted by census by all council persons.

            b.         Present our concerns to the Village Planning Board in February and have them decide whether or                      not to modify the current proposal.

            c.         When we have a response from the Planning Board we need to decide whether or not to approve                                  the "proposal" for a Public Hearing.


                        Concerns of Kay Shapiro: P.19 Security lighting within the community and Firearm use within                            the Village.



            a. Storage of Village Documents (for historical purposes).  David Galloway will prepare a proposal for                                      digitizing all of the stored documents.

            b. Audio Recorder need to be purchased for recording minutes: Council authorized Wallace to spend                            maximum of $100.00. Moved by Iobst/ seconded by Stone. Passed unanimously.




Adjourn: Stone/ Iobst seconded.  Unanimous passage.


Submitted by J. Wallace, Mayor.