June 2008




June 3, 2008


1.         Meeting called to order at 7:01 PM


2.           Public Hearing for approval of the 2008-09 Budget.  Jim Weir, Village Accountant, discussed the millage implications for taxes for the Village fo Forest Hills.  Additional information relative to the millage and recent property assessment will be discussed during the July 7 Meeting.


3.         Budget for 2008-09 was unanimously approved (Iobst/Stone).


4.         Jim Wallace was unanimously approved as Mayor of the Village of Forest Hills. Replacing Mayor Jim Davis, who had formally resigned as he palled to move to Michigan.


            WHO MADE AND SECONDED MOTION????  (Iobst/Tweedy??)


5.         Nominations for position of a Council Person to replace the vacated seat of Jim Wallace were:


            Kay Shapiro

            Clark Corwin

            Ron Yount (did not want to be considered)


6.         Selection of a Representative of the Village for the Jackson County Greenway Commission: council could not fill this position.


7.         At the Request of Jim Wallace the Council will meet on July 7 (and not July 1).


8.         Suzanne Stone asked for a copy of the contract, etc, for the Village entrance project.  Jim Wallace said he would try to get copies for all council persons.


9.         During a discussion on the Entrance irrigation system, Terry Ashe (399-0187) of the Cullowhee Volunteer Department, said that he would arrange for the Fire Department to irrigate the entrance plants until the Village installed the proposed irrigation system.


Submitted by Jim Wallace, Mayor