August 2007





To:                   Village of Forest Hills Council Members


From:               Janie Prentice, Clerk


Date:                August 30, 2007


Subject:            Minutes of August 6, 2007


In attendance: Mayor Davis, Sue Burton, Joe Rossano,  Jim Wallace, Jim Weir-financial officer., attorney David Moore,  and villager Mr. Grant. Dick Ibost was absent.


A short prayer was said.


A motion was made and passed to accept the minutes of July 2007.


 A motion was made and passed to strike the last paragraph of the minutes of the June 4th, 2007 and accept the minutes.


 A financial report was not read as the auditors have the report.


Villager, Mr. Grant was present and commented that on occasion one of the dogs got free from his chain and was in the road, and this continues to be a problem.  Attorney David said the only recourse the Village has is to “fine and cite” a resident, after three contacts have been made to the resident and the animal control.   Sue made a motion and it was seconded and passed, to have Mayor Davis call Mr. Nicholson, then Mr. Grant should send a copy of his two letters to Mr. Nicholson, and a copy of the lawyer’s letter to the owner of the dog, to the Animal Control Center, and specify that the council would like to see some action taken.


Mayor Davis received a letter from the DOT that our entrance project has been funded and will be started next summer 2008.  They have agreed to put in sidewalks, two turn lanes, and repave the entrance of road into the Village and State Rd 1330, curb and gutter for storm water.


Joe reported that Mr. Louis Rowhaus, landscaper, would build our rock  wall for the sign,  do landscaping with plants, bushes, 18-20 boulders, fill dirt, electric.  He would not provide water, as he did not feel qualified to do so.  A motion was made, seconded  and passed, that Mr. Rowhaus should present a letter of agreement and contract, including an itemized list with expenses and  what he planned to provide, and the amount of money he needed in advance.


Mayor Davis will contact the DOT regarding replacing Cave Springs, Oak Forest Dr., S. Country Club Road. and Cox Farm Road, signs.






A discussion was started regarding the University Inn Motel wanting to turn the motel into what is called “Condotel”.  They would refurbish each unit and sell for $80,000.  People would buy, but only be able to live in them for two months out of the year.  The rest of the months they would rent them out, quite probably to students.  This is not definite, but just in the talking states right now.  Much more discussion will have to take place regarding this.  The Council would have to see plans in writing before even considering this idea.


A motion was made to adjourn the meeting.


Respectfully submitted by Janie Prentice