July 2007


To:        Forest Hills Councilmembers


From:    Janie Prentice, Clerk


Date:    June 30, 2007


Subject:Minutes of July 2, 2007


Present: Sue Burton-pro-temp, Dick Iobst, Joe Rosanno, Jim Weir Finance Officer, David Moore, Attorny.  Villagers Gene Tweedy, Evelyn Rooks-Weir. Absent: Mayor Davis and Jim Wallace.


The Treasurer report for 2007-2008 was accepted by the Council.


There were no committe reports to be reported.


Gene Tweedy suggested that the hole by the swimming pool on North Country Club, needs to be repaired as it is very dangerous.


Gene also reported that a new large building with room numbers above the doors, was built on the road going up to the private residence which used to be the old KA House.  He wondered who built the building and if they had obtained permission from the Council before doing so. None of the council members recalls giving permission to anyone to do so.  Could it be part of Elizabeth St. John's property:  Dick will check with the permit office to see who pulled the permit.


With all the heavy rain, the bushes on Jimmy Smith's property are drouping over the road and need to be cut back, as it causes a dangerous situation with cars moving into the other lane to avoid being hit by the leaves.


The council suggested that Mayor Davis needed to get an update from the Motel to see if they are still interested in building an office building for the Village to rent and use.  Mayor Davis had told the owners previously that we would be interested in that idea and that we would prefer the lot between the motel and the University Inn Apartments.


A motion was made and passed to have Joe obtain information on quotes/costs for the entrance to the Village, so that we can submit them to the Summit, since they offered to contribute $10,000 to the project.  He would like to get maps and drawings from Mayor Davis to be able to present to the Summitt.


There have been no more bear sightings, and a big thank you goes to Sue Burton, who initiated all the work, which was done by her and others, to alert the Village about the bears.  That was a big task and a job well done.


A new resident, Nilafer Couture, who lives across the road from the Rick Bennett rental houses, came to the last meeting (after it was over) and mentioned that the noise from loud parties, and speeding, were of concern to her.  She has small children and wondered if the Council could do something about that.  Sue suggested to her that she try calling Rick Bennett first to complain and that he would talk to his renters.


A motion was made to spend money to obtain two speeding signs and post them at the entrance to the Village, and to reposition the no-parking signs.


A recommendation was made to have Mayor Davis contact the sheriff's office concerning the complaints about speeding.


A motion was made to adjourn the meeting.