February 2007

To:                   Village of Forest Hills Council members


From:               Janie Prentice, Clerk


Date:                February 28, 2007


Subject:            Minutes of February 5, 2007 Minutes


In attendance: Mayor Davis, councilmembers  Joe Rossano, Jim Wallace, Jim Weir-Finance Officer, Attorney David Moore, Villagers Evelyn Rooks-Weir, Tricia Davis, Sylva Herald reporter Amy Hall, Jim Epley from August Homes.


Mayor Davis said a short prayer, and remembrance was given for Charlie Burton who passed away this morning.


The Financial Statement was read and accepted.


A letter will be sent to Mr. Phil Haire and Mr. Snow asking how to break ties in positions.


Mr. James Epley, who owns the land adjacent to The Summit Apartments, was present.  He explained that he was interested in working with the Village and suggested he might have other ideas besides building student housing.


A motion was made to go into closed session, and was passed.


A motion was made to go back into open session and was passed.


Joe made a motion to authorize Susan Berkhardt to file a notice of appeal in the lawsuit involving The Summit.  It was so moved and passed.


The meeting was adjourned.