August 2015

Forest Hills Planning Board Minutes August, 17 2015
Jackson County Recreation Center - 7:00pm
Present:Lee Budhal,SteveBrown,ToddCollins,NiloferCouture,ClarkCorwin
  1. Meeting called to order at 7:02 by Todd Collins
  2. Prior meeting minutes approved by consent
  3. Proposed agenda approved by consent
  4. The Board decided to have a rotating schedule for chair,by alphabetical order. The procedure and ordering were approved by consent. 

September meeting:Steve Brown

October meeting:Lee Budhal

November meeting:Todd Collins

December meeting:Nilofer Couture

    5. The Board discussed and approved changes to the draft “rules of procedure” and will discuss and approve the rules at the next meeting.

    6.  The Board adjourned by consent at 8:45pm.