Forest Hills Council Meeting 6-5-00

Monday, June 5, 2000

7:00 PM

University Inn

The Village of Forest Hills Council meeting held on Monday June 5, 2000 at the University Inn was called to order by Mayor Irene Hooper at 7:05 PM.  Council members in attendance were Jean Adams, Harold Williford, Larry Kolenbrander, and Sharon Jacques.  Also attending was Village attorney, Jay Coward, Assistant Clerk Elsie Beaver, and some twelve residents of the Village.

A correction to previous meeting minutes, pointed out by Sharon Jacques, was the word "as" be struck from the 3rd item in reference to multi-family dwellings.  Jean Adams seconded the motion that was unanimously carried.

Mayor Hooper recognized and welcomed Mr. John Mueller owner of the University Inn to our meeting.  Mr. Mueller announced that he was selling the Inn and would give the Village of Forest Hills first opportunity to purchase it if interested.  The Council took no action on this opportunity.

Carol Pearce gave a financial report.  The Village has $34,179.94 in the treasury account.  Pearce will pay a bill for property and liability insurance for $2,030 which is in line with Village budget.  Kolenbrander made a motion to accept the report; motion seconded by Adams; motion unanimously carried.  Also to be paid is a check for $200 to Village attorney for services rendered.  Pierce told Council she would like to attend a training workshop to be given by Crisp and Hughes on June 30 for their clients. 



Hooper will check with DOT to confirm that Slate Mountain is considered a private road.  The two road signs, Slate Mountain and Saxony Trail were ordered and the cost of $100.00 was required in advance.


Hooper reported that the Solid Waste Plan for the County does not affect the Village at this time; however, each municipality is requested to sign a resolution prior to July 1.  The County is still working this on.  Hopefully, the Council will have it by June 19th.


Planning Board report made by Williford regarding the Powell Bill.  Mayor Hooper should report by August 1, 2000, to appropriate parties that we have neither added nor deleted any Village properties.  We must also report on monies received, if spent and how, and any interest earned.  Jim Wallace inquired as to the types of items covered by the Powell Bill.  Williford read these from the Powell Bill.  Inquiry came from Sally James, also Village resident, as to whether this list could be posted for all to see.  Williford agreed to take care of this request and post the list at Village sign located at University Inn.  


Hooper reported that she is working on the Road Maintenance Committee consisting of Angela Davis, Ron Stephens, David Shapiro and Mark Ellison.  Mayor Hooper plans to ask one resident from the state maintained portion of the roads, both North and South Country Club Drives to serve on the Committee, also.  Kolenbrander agreed to develop a draft of the charge to this Committee as to what they should do in regards to the road situation.  This should be ready for the June 19th Council meeting, which will follow the Planning Board Meeting.  There was not a quorum at the last meeting of the Planning Board so they did not have an official meeting.

Jacques introduced the ETJ topic that was followed by an examination of the maps identifying areas in question.  After a lengthy discussion on the various ETJ proposed areas of A, B, B-1, and C, Jacques made the motion to vote down proposed plan C.  Williford seconded the motion.  Following another lengthy discussion the council voted unanimously in support of the motion to vote down plan C.  This action was followed by the clarification of areas for plans A, B, and B-1.  Jacques made the motion to take plan B-1 back to the Planning Board.  There was no second to this motion so it died.  Further discussion followed the motion made by Williford to adopt plan B; Jacques seconded this motion.  Following discussion the motion was unanimously carried.  The actions that must follow this vote are: Geoff Willets will define the boundaries; a list of people within that boundary will be compiled; a date will be set for notifying those people; and notices will be mailed to them. 


Ron Stephens reported that the meeting of the Economic Development Commission was a luncheon meeting to express appreciation to the business owners in the County. 

Julie Ogletree introduced Mike Ensley, Emergency Management System Director who gave a presentation on the First Responder Program.  Ensley reported that all County fire departments are supporters of this program with exception of Cullowhee and Cashiers.  This is due to the amount of extra hours required by the training portion of the program for people certified as First Responders.  At a later date, Ensley would like to present the Emergency Disaster Plan to the Village Council.  A discussion followed as to whether WCU Security Personnel might serve as First Responders.  No action taken.


Jean Adams will represent Mayor Hooper and Larry Kolenbrander at the Greenway Committee Meeting to be held on June 13th at 7:00 PM.


Motion was made by Kolenbrander to postpone the scheduled Council meeting on July 3, 2000 to July 10, 2000.  This was seconded by Jacques and unanimously carried.  The Clerk must advertise this change of meeting date.


Motion was made by Jacques and seconded by Jean Adams to recess until June 19 following the Planning Board meeting.  The purpose of reconvening the Council meeting at that time is to continue the discussion of the following five topics:
1.     Resolution dealing with Waste Management required by the Village to the County by July l.

2.    Approval of Mayor Hooper's attending Municipality Day in Raleigh.

3.    Approval of Finance Officer Carol Pearce to attend training workshop.

4.    Status of the road petition.
5.    The charge given to Road Committee from Planning Board.

Hooper asked Attorney to   make a statement as to whether a budget hearing requires a legal paid advertisement announcing the meeting.  His response was that the meeting date must be made public via the press, etc.  However, according to his research, it does not require a legal paid notice.

If the budget is submitted by June 1st and filed with the Clerk of Court, and clerk publishes a statement that the budget has been established and published, this is sufficient.

The Council voted unanimously to recess until June 19 following the Planning Board meeting.


Council meeting recessed at 9:25 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Elsie Beaver

Assistant Clerk