Forest Hills Council Meeting 10-2-00



Monday, October 02, 2000     

7:00 PM

University Inn


Present:  Mayor Irene Hooper; Council Members:  Sharon Jacques, Harold Williford, Jean Adams and Larry Kolenbrander; Attorney Jay Coward; Financial Officer Carole Pearce; Village Clerk Mary Ann Budahl; Ann Melton, Asst. Clerk of Court; Rose Hooper - Sylva Herald reporter; and five visitors.


Mayor Hooper called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM and then welcomed all in attendance.


The motion to approve the minutes of the September 11, 2000 meeting (Jacques, Kolenbrander) passed unanimously.


Motion to approve the Financial Officer's report (Kolenbrander, Jacques) passed unanimously.  Carole Pearce noted that we have received the Powell Bill allotment of $11,477.39.  Tax revenue receipts totaled $836.33; expenditures for the month totaled $526.03, leaving a balance of $42,614.81.


Carole Pearce had expressed a desire to Mayor Hooper for an Assistant Financial Officer, and, as Providence would have it, a newcomer to our Village, James Weir who has an extensive background as a CPA and has worked with numerous village systems such as ours, asked how he could help the Council.  Without further ado, a motion to appoint James Weir to be Assistant Financial Officer was made by Kolenbrander, seconded by Adams, and passed unanimously.


In a similar turn of fate, another of our newly retired, new neighbors, Joe Rossano who has a business and management background was asked to serve on the Planning Board.  The motion to approve appointment of Joe Rossano (who represents the non-state maintained portion of South Country Club Dr), Steve Owens of Forest Hills Estates, and Sally James who lives on the state maintained section of South Country Club Dr - each to serve a three-year term - (Adams, Williford) passed unanimously.  Ann Melton, Assistant Clerk of Court for Jackson County then administered the oath of office for Mr. Rossano, Mr. Owens, and Mr. Weir.  Ms. James could not attend the meeting tonight.  She will be sworn in at a later time.


Larry Kolenbrander reported on the Joint Municipalities Meeting on September 28 wherein the process to initiate "Smart Growth" in Jackson County was discussed.  They plan to use Blount County, Tennessee, which used a two-phase approach, as a model.  The first phase will be a series of 14 meetings in the various townships and/or municipalities of Jackson County - each one to address two questions:  "What do you want changed?  What do you want left unchanged in Jackson County?"  Their motto is, "Your county, your meeting," with maximum participation of the citizens involved as their goal.  These meetings will be scheduled two per month with a county commissioner and a facilitator from Raleigh who works with community development present. 

The first scheduled meeting will take place in the Green's Creek-Savannah area on October 24.  The projected meeting date for Cullowhee is February 27, 2001 at the Cullowhee Valley School.  Although municipalities can request a separate meeting if desired, a motion (Jacques, Kolenbrander) was made to include the Village of Forest Hills in with the Cullowhee township meeting.  The motion carried with one abstention.  When the first phase of meetings ends sometime in June, 2001, the second phase will begin.  This will consist of another series of meetings in which Jackson County citizens will be asked, "Do you still desire these changes (or non-changes)?" 


Larry Kolenbrander also reported on the Greenway Committee meeting that he attended on September 19.  The resolution that was adopted by Forest Hills and other municipalities in Jackson County and presented to the County Commissioners involving the structure of the Greenway Task Force was denied.  Instead, the Committee is working to establish itself as an ad hoc, 501-C, non-profit, independent entity that will work with communities to apply for grants, etc.  The videotape, "The Dollars and Sense of Preserving Community Character" is now in our possession and will be kept at the WCU library for viewing by interested individuals.


The allotted Powell Bill funds have been received as noted above.


Jean Adams was aided by Robert Kehrberg, Dick Iobst, Margarette Scull, Harold Williford, Ian Pritchard, Irene Hooper Ruth Shuler, David McCord, and Ann Chambers, as well as Eugene Tweedy and the Shapiros on Saturday, September 23 at the semi-annual litter pickup.  She is attempting to contact the KA fraternity members to ask for their help in picking up trash along a portion of our roads.


Mayor Hooper has not yet discussed the student noise nuisance with Dr. Bardo due to conflicting schedules.  She will continue this pursuit.  No more loud parties have been noted since last month.


On September 25, Mayor Hooper attending a meeting of Region A at which the poor air quality in the surrounding forests and parks was discussed.  It was noted that Senator Dan Robinson is a member of the Clean Air Committee in Congress.


Jim Wallace was unavailable to report on the Road Maintenance project; however, it was felt by the Council that since over 90% of the signatures of property and home owners on North Country Club Drive have been obtained, thereby expressing interest in the project of the State assuming maintenance of the road, that the Council should proceed with this process.  A motion made to this effect (Williford, Jacques) passed unanimously.  Mayor Hooper will direct a letter to the County Commissioners with the request to upgrade North Country Club Drive.  South Country Club Drive will continue to actively pursue the signatures and support of these residents.


ETJ:  Kolenbrander reports no further movement on this issue.


Joe Rossano will represent Forest Hills at the organizational meeting of the Emergency Committee of Jackson County on October 9.


The Resolutions involving the railroad and the state bond referendums that were signed last month were adopted.


Mayor Hooper ended the meeting by noting that the deadline for registering to vote in the November 7 election is on October 13.  Absentee ballots may be obtained from the Board of Election on October 21 and 28 (both Saturdays.)  In addition, a "Drop-in Voting" location will be held at the Tuckaseigee Fire Department from October 16 through November 3 for anyone in the County.  Call the Board of Elections if you have questions - 586-7538.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:26 PM after a unanimous motion (Jacques, Adams) was passed.


Respectfully submitted,



Mary Ann Budahl, Village Clerk