Forest Hills Council Meeting 6-19-00

June 19, 2000

Memorandum to: Forest Hills Residents

Harold Williford
Forest Hills Village
Substitute for Mary Ann Budahl

RE: Minutes of Continued Village Council meeting on 6/19/00

Members Present: Jean Adams, Mayor Irene Hooper, Sharon Jacques,
Larry Kolenbrander, and Harold Williford.

1. Mayor Hooper reconvened the continued meeting of the Forest Hills Village at 7:06 PM.  The meeting was a continuation of the 6/5/00 meeting.
2. Mayor Hooper read items from a county resolution on a Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan.  A public hearing on this plan is scheduled for June 22, 2000.  Each municipality in the county is to adopt a resolution related to this plan.  Mayor Hooper presented a village resolution proposal and compared it with the county plan.  Kolenbrander (Jacques 2nd) recommended that the council adopt this proposal.  The motion passed unanimously.  

3. Mayor Hooper reported that she would be unable to attend the Municipality Day meeting in Raleigh during the week of June 26.  Therefore, we did not need to consider approving the travel described at our previous meeting.  On the other hand, Carol Pearce, Village Finance Officer, would be able to attend a workshop in Asheville on June 30.  Adams moved (Jacques 2nd) that the Village pay for travel, lunch, and any registrations costs to allow Pearce to attend this meeting.  The motion was approved unanimously.

4. Mayor Hooper gave a report from Jim Wallace concerning our progress in getting signatures on our private road right-of-way petition.  A significant number of signatures had been obtained.  Those conducting the petition drive were encouraged to continue their efforts.

5.  Hooper described her progress in finding individuals to serve on the Forest Hills Ad Hoc Road Maintenance Committee.  She reported that Angela Davis, Jim Bryson, Mark Ellison, Carol Mellen, David Shapiro, and Ron Stephens had agreed to serve on this committee.  Angela Davis has agreed to serve as Chair of this committee.  Kolenbrander moved (Jacques 2nd) that the proposed committee and chair be approved.  The Council approved this motion unanimously. 

On behalf of the Village, Mayor Hooper thanked each of the members of the newly formed Road Maintenance Committee for their willingness to serve. 

6.  Kolenbrander distributed a written draft that described a charge from the Council to the Ad Hoc Road Maintenance Committee.  After some discussion of wording, Kolenbrander moved (Jacques 2nd) that the Council approve the proposed committee charge.  After further discussion it was agreed that the Committee be allowed some latitude to modify the charge as it begins to work.  The motion was approved unanimously.

7. Hooper reminded Council members of our next meeting at 7 PM on Monday, July 10, 2000.  At 8:24 PM, Kolenbrander moved (Adams 2nd) that we adjourn.  The motion passed without dissent.