Forest Hills Council Meeting 8-7-00


Monday, August 7, 2000

7:00 PM

University Inn


Present:  Mayor, Irene Hooper; Council members: Jean Adams, Sharon Jacques, Harold Williford; Treasurer, Carol Pearce; Clerk, Mary Ann Budahl; Sylva Herald reporter, Rose Hooper, and 5 residents and/or friends of the Village.


1.  The regular meeting of the Village of Forest Hills Council was called to order at 7:08 PM by Mayor Hooper who welcomed all present.


2.  A correction to the minutes of June 19, 2000 to show that the meeting began at 7:40 PM was made by Sharon Jacques, seconded by Jean Adams, and passed unanimously.

Item #2, under New Business in the minutes of the July 10, 2000 meeting will be corrected to read:  “all commitments for special events will be honored.”  (Jacques, Williford) Passed unanimously.


3.  The Treasurer’s report showed a bank balance of $29,181.63.  Revenue for the month:  $83.12; expenses:  $5166.56 which included an annual donation to the Cullowhee Volunteer Fire Department of $2400.00, and $2030.00 for compulsory liability insurance.  Motion to accept report made by Jacques; second – Williford.  Passed unanimously.


4.  Mayor Hooper gave a brief summary of the recent meeting with county civic leaders and Greenways specialist, Ed McMahon who stressed the importance of the connections between conservation and economic development.  Much enthusiasm has been generated in our county by this concept and the obvious economic benefits to be attained.  A videotape, “The Dollars and Sense of Preserving Community Character” is available for $20.00 per copy.  Motion to purchase a copy to be kept at the WCU Library for viewing by interested parties passed unanimously.  (Jacques, Adams)


5.  Mayor Hooper reported that on July 27 she identified the transactions involving Village residents and the Department of Motor Vehicles for tax purposes.


6.  Smart Growth:  Mayor Hooper reported that she recently traveled to Maryville, Tennessee to meet with the Blount Co. Commissioners regarding their plan for county growth.  A resolution supporting the concept of establishing a citizen-directed plan for future development in Jackson County to be instituted by the County Commissioners will be drafted, signed by our Mayor, and sent to the Jackson County Board of Commissioners.

            The State of North Carolina will be taking a roll in promoting active growth in rural areas, with the immediate implementation of broad band computer access being stressed.  This was reported by Ron Stephens who attended the last meeting of the EDC.

            Mayor Hooper reported that on August 4th, in behalf of the Village of Forest Hills, she attended the Legislative Luncheon conducted by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and Harrah’s Cherokee Casino.  A progress report was given regarding the building and improvement in their road system, and in water and sewer being connected throughout the Reservation.  This fall, plans are to build a 250-room hotel and conference center.  Also reported was the increase in employment on the Reservation as well as the surrounding Counties.  They expressed a desire to cooperate and to work more closely with other Counties, since tourism is such an important part of the economy of Western North Carolina.


7.  Motion to pay $100.00 annual membership fee to the North Carolina Institute of Government. (Williford, Jacques)  Passed unanimously.


8.  League of Municipalities survey will be completed by Mayor Hooper and Treasurer Pearce and sent to the appropriate office.


9.  Harold Williford submitted the Powell Bill report to Betsy G. Williams at the NC Department of Transportation, along with a $60.00 fee.  Since the Jackson County Tax Assessor is unable to give an up-to-date figure for taxes assessed and collected at this time, Harold was instructed by Ms. Williams to use a “best guess” amount, and to continue to check with the county Tax Assessor for a more current figure.


10.  Motion to pay annual dues of $500.00 to the EDC (Jacques, Adams) passed unanimously.


11.  Clerk Mary Ann Budahl, complied with the request from Mark Jamison representing “Citizens Against ETJ” for copies of the Village Council and Planning Board minutes for 1999 and 2000; 1998 – 2000 budgets; and a copy of the ETJ Power Point report presented on April 3, 2000.  This was accomplished on July 9, 2000.  These copies were made available at the cost of 15 cents per page.


12.  Mayor Hooper reported that Angela Davis wishes to resign from the Planning Board and the Road Committee due to personal reasons.  Motion to accept her resignation with regret; and with thanks for her many years of diligent, faithful contributions to Forest Hills.  (Jacques, Adams)  Unanimous approval.  A resident from North County Club Drive will be selected to fill the vacancy next month.


13.  At the suggestion of the Planning Board, an employee of the Department of Transportation will be invited to speak at the September Council meeting to answer questions involving the State Road Maintenance issue.


14.  Mayor Hooper reminded all present of our next meeting to be held on September 11, 2000 due to the Labor Day holiday at 7:00 PM at the University Inn.  Motion to adjourn (Williford, Jacques) was passed at 8:25 PM.


Respectfully submitted,




Mary Ann Budahl

Clerk, Village of Forest Hills