September 2012



September 04, 2012

The regular meeting of the Village of Forest Hills was held on September 04, 2012 in the meeting room at the Jackson County Recreation Center at 6:00pm.

 The following members of the Council were present:

Jim Wallace

Suzanne Stone

Clark Corwin

Carl Hooper

The following Non-Council members were present:

Stephanie Gibson, Village Clerk/Finance Officer

Maggie Tobias, The Sylva Herald

Bayleigh Davis, The Sylva Herald

Rick Bennett, Village Homeowner

Pat Monteith

Allen Lomax

Jim Nichols

Myrtle Schrader

Lucy Christopher

(1)  Call to order: 6:00pm by Mayor Jim Wallace.

(2)  Vote on Agenda: Clark Corwin made a motion to approve the agenda and Carl Hooper seconded the motion.

(3)  Approval of meeting minutes from August 07, 2012 Council meeting:  A motion to approve the minutes from the August 07 meeting was made by Clark Corwin, seconded by Suzanne Stone, unanimously approved. 

 (4)  Financial reports for the month of August, 2012:  Stephanie Gibson provided the Financial Reports that were handed out.  The budget for August included $1,111.13 in revenues and $7,303.78 in expenditures.  General expenses included police protection, utilities, audit fees, clerk fee, Attorney fees, Board of Election fees, fire protection, and B.H. Granning invoices.   Motion to accept the financial report was made by Clark Corwin, seconded by Carl Hooper, unanimously approved.

 (5)  Presentation by a representative for the Canary Coalition:  Pat Monteith and Allen Lomax discussed the resolution; they thanked the council for allowing them the opportunity to share the information.  They noted that they are representatives of a Non-partisan National Movement that would like to reverse the Supreme Court’s decision in 2010 on Citizens United vs. Federal Elections Commissions case in which the court defined corporations as people and money as a form of speech that cannot be regulated for the purpose of limiting Corporate Political Campaign Contributions.  Suzanne Stone asked if this resolution is being pursued in all states and Pat responded that it is a nationwide grassroots movement.  Clark Corwin asked when speaking of entities, would that apply to all organizations?  Pat responded that it is not for one side or the other, it is about human rights.  Suzanne made a motion to accept the resolution and Clark seconded the motion, all members voted for the resolution accept Carl Hooper.  The motion passed with the majority in favor of the resolution.

Clark Corwin asked what affect the resolution would have on Forest Hills and David Moore, Village Attorney, noted that it would have no effect, it is not a legally binding document.

(6)  New Business:   Suzanne Stone discussed the potential of installing a mirror between the Oak Forest & Virginia Lane Intersection due to limited visibility and the potential for accidents to occur.  Jim said that he has spoken with officers about using radar to control speed.  Carl said that he had mentioned having speed bumps installed some time ago.  Jim said that he has been told that speed bumps are not allowed on state maintained roads but that they could be installed on the roads maintained by the village.

 (7)  Old Business:  Jim Wallace shared that Victor Lofquist informed him that he should have his proposal to correct the problem area behind Dr. Spell and Gene Tweedy’s homes to him during the 3rd week of September.

 (8)  Public Comment:  Rick Bennett brought up concerns about the budget increase that the village passed, he said that he did not receive mailings and was not aware of the increase until he received his tax bill.  Rick said that a 50% increase regardless of the dollar amount was significant particularly in this economy.  He said that he would like his opposition to the increase on record.  He also expressed concerns about his driveway and the fact that it was on a gravel road between North and South Country Club Drive.   Jim Wallace said he would meet with Rick to discuss the issue further.  Jim noted that he spoke with Rick’s Partner, Marty Hydaker some time ago and thought the issue had been resolved.

At 6:50pm Jim Wallace called for a motion to adjourn, motion was made by Carl Hooper, seconded by Clark Corwin, unanimously approved.