Planning Board Minutes are listed here by year.

Please see the Meetings tab for dates and times for Planning Board meetings. 

The Planning Board is a five-member citizen advisory board appointed by the Council. Four live inside the Village limits and one resides within the Village's extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ).

The Planning Board reviews and makes recommendations to the Village Council on all proposals for rezoning, various development-related requests, and amendments and additions to the Village’s zoning regulations and comprehensive (land use) plan. The Planning Board has no judicial or final decision authority but provides guidance to the Village Council on those requests.

The Planning Board meets at 7:00 pm on the last Monday of each month at the Assembly Hall in Prospect Cullowhee unless otherwise noted. Meetings are open to the public. However, the Planning Board does not hold any public hearings during their regular meetings (unless advertised) and is not required to hear comments from the general public unless requested by someone from the public and approved by the Chair to be added to their agenda.

The Village Council appoints members of the Planning Board to three-year terms. If a seat is vacated during that three-year term, a new member is appointed to start a new three-year term.

If you are interested in being considered for membership on the Planning Board, please contact any of the elected officials – the mayor or councilmembers.